Baby Acne

Baby acne is one of the common problems that babies are born with. Almost thirty percent of the babies are born with rashes, baby acne being one of them. This usually occurs when the baby is around three weeks. Baby acne can last untill the baby is four to six months old. However, mothers need not panic as baby acne is perfectly normal and is caused by certain hormones which kindle the oil glands on then tender skin of babies which leads to acne.


Often mothers notice that the baby skin breaks out into pimples along with red rashes on the skin. As a parent one should take care that the babies’ clothes are not washed with harsh detergent that may cause the acne to aggravate. It is also essential that the baby is kept clean and dry. Moistness on the skin may add to the problem. Apply baby cream on the area surrounding the acne. Consult a doctor if the situation demands. Generally acne is more visible on the face while pimples appear on the chest and arms.


It is important that you use a mild soap to bathe the baby. Harsh soaps can also cause irritation. Do not scrub the baby too hard. It is also said that baby rash comes on its own and goes on its own and do not panic and become impatient. Sometimes, applying oils causes the acne to worsen so do not apply any medicated oil or cream without consulting the doctor.

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