Party games

As the name suggests, Children’s party is a form of a get-together, where kids are ought to have fun as they get closer to their friends, friends’ friends and so on.  This is an event where children can enjoy at their fullest, since there isn’t any elderly member to interrupt or point out towards their attitude.  It appears like “masti ki pathshala”.

This is quite an old concept since my childhood. I still cherish those exciting moments spent with my friends.  But today’s scene is a bit different than the yesteryears.

Today’s generation enjoy more of video or computer games or even booster cards (with several cartoon or fighter characters).  These games involve less of sport and more of gaining points or targets.  They are only happy in achievements rather than enjoying a particular game.  This is due to the excess exposure towards media and computers.

Today’s kids are no wonder, faster than our (parent’s) generation in all aspects.  They have got tremendous knowledge beyond our imagination.  But, at the same time they should be able to have the sheer kind of joy in playing simple team games with the same spirit without using any electronic tools.  My son Tej, age 07yrs,  often wonders as if  how we used to arrange parties without a DJ or CD music, computer games as such.  I shared a few party games with him which he really wished to try.

  1. Passing the parcel :  Can be played among 5-6 kids (minimum).  Any property as a ball or a pillow or a book has to be passed from one child to the other in a circle.  The youngest (a toddler)  or if interested even grand parent (either of the two) can play the role of a musician, let’s call it DJ in today’s world.  As the music stops, the member holding the parcel will have to undergo a punishment which can be anything from performing a dance or song, or acting (as per age).  The game continues till the last member is left out who becomes a winner.
  2. Name, Place, Animal, Thing :   Again a group of kids, the more , the better. Each member has to say a name of any character as boy, girl, or even names of movies, celebrities, ministers, leaders, etc.  Followed by names of places, cities, temples, countries, etc.  Similarly follows a list of various animals and things. This will help the children to grow their knowledge skills and their  vocabulary.
  3. Antakshari :  The best way to enjoy music.  Children love to sing here as there are no limitations as of their sound qualities.  They can be as loud as possible in their own manner.
  4. Dumb Sheralds :  The all time favourites for kids as well as grown-ups.  This particular game improves acting skills in them, especially mono-act. Outdoor games like playing discs, stapu, land or water, colour games also give quite fun and energy. This way, their addiction will be reduced a bit and they will remain more energetic and happy with their buddies.
  5. Blind Man’s Buff : Tie a handkerchief around eyes of a member of the group so that he cannot see and ask him to locate other members by walking blind folded. This game naturally requires the blind folded member to use all his other senses as he has to find the member by slightest of sound or some fragrance.

Author Sonali Jog

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