“I am a valuable person”

“I am a valuable person” everyone wants to be valuable but how many, actually, think themselves valuable; depends entirely on the “parental love and caring” thought out the childhood. Anything we love is valuable to us; you must have observed a kid taking care of his new cycle, school bag or a toy.  So, when we love something, we value it.  Whatever we love, we love to spend time with it. We take care of it like a gardener loving and caring his saplings and flowers in the garden. He will observe whether they are being watered properly y or not, whether they are getting sun light adequately or if they need more fertilization. We care of what we love. Similarly, loving children means spending quality time with them.  Observe what they like , how they eat, what they need , if they need little tightening here and little losing there will not only help you to understand them more but also give them the sense of  being valuable.

Parents who do not spend time quality time with their children but try to cover up with the repetitively and mechanically telling their kids how much they love them; never understand the true requirements of their children. On the other hand, children are never totally deceived by such hollow words. They try to cling to their parents and show them as they believe what they are being told but unconsciously they  know that their parents ‘s words do not match up with their deeds. While parents, who spend quality time with their kids, may be not in the pique moments but kids of such parents proclaim that they are neglected but unconsciously they know it is temporary and they are valued by their parents.

The feeling of being valuable is very important for the mental and spiritual health of a person and this can be achieved in the childhood; later on it becomes very difficult.   It is corner stone of the self- discipline because person who thinks himself valuable will be self-disciplined by taking care of himself in all the ways required to live a healthy life.  And such a feeling of being valuable is a direct product of parental love.

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