‘Will I get a star today?’ asked my daughter who is Jr. KG. The star at her wrist was definitely a great achievement at school. This enhanced her confidence and she was motivated to go on further. Progress about a child is a slow but strong process. Parents often pass on their virtues to their children and also correct them when they are misguided. It is for us to understand that a small pat in the back of a toddler will steady him or her in the path of progress.


Experts say that praises are never enough. There is no hard and fast rule as to how much praise is necessary. In case your child has not done a very good job you may give him/her a smiley and that will connote that there is scope for improvement. Children make their own comparisons with their batch mates and this motivates them. Suggest a hobby to your teenager who has enough time during the summer vacation. Teens are very strong with their preferences and goading will not work.


Appreciate the school goer at the neat arrangement of her school bag. Let them practice polishing their shoes in the weekend and smile appreciatingly at their attempt. Ignore the mess in the kitchen as they wish to wipe the dishes. Parenting calls for a lot of patience and the efforts are very much rewarding. Inspiring children with mythological stories may seem airy fairy but surprisingly they imbibe good virtues through stories.


As my daughter moved to the advanced batch in her skating class, I was in loss of words to encourage her as she showed limited progress. Pressurizing wont work on her and hence I found myself accepting that this is her maximum stretch.. Her skating coach walked up to her and said, ‘Nishika you have done well this much (gesturing with his hand to show a size) and I want you do a bit more. This was a compliment and it worked and Nishika came up with more confidence and proving her competence.


Do write back with tips on ways to encourage kids.

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