Investing time and i.e. quality time in any pursuit is essential for its success. The same rule applies to improving family value. One needs to cultivate a habit of being happy and this is an important flavor for a happy family. Contentment is actually to be sought in making simple things for the family. Though family requires commitment and sacrifice, it is also important to gather oneself and brace tough situations.


Urban family life is almost a choreographed routine. There are several chores and mandatory requirements that parents need to fulfill for their family. Seeking help from children can be done by making them independent. This is like preparing them to face challenges alone. It is perfectly fine to ask your toddler to brush himself or try buttoning the night suit. Errors can be perfected.


For the growth of the child activities are important. These can be key board classes, dance classes or a simple game of running mindlessly in the garden. For this children require their parents support and appreciation. Working parents need to multi task and yet for the sake of family and children they do it willingly. Though academics are important scheduling activities is a wonderful way to bond with the family. Accompany children for their competitive events or when they have a ‘dress up day’ in school.


Make the most of Sundays as a total break. Spending hours in the kitchen or cleaning will not be required if children or spouse help you with the weekend chores. Allot jobs and surprising kids love these odd house jobs. Tell them to arrange the cushion or reface the pillows with new covers. Tell them to arrange their toys and wayward hair accessories in the dressing table. Please remember to appreciate them. My Nishika might have overheard my talks with my husband on the many chores that I need to do, so after a late night party she surprised me by cleaning the clutter in the living room and arranged the cushions on the sofa. Many times we need to be direct and seek help to lighten our workload. 

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