Working parents need to look out for support for taking care of their children as they begin to resume work. There are many professional day care centers in India who extend their baby sitting services and proper care for children. Many times they also accept children from the age of six months as the mother need to resume her official duties. Day care centers come with standard fees for their service and one must be careful to select the best one around the locality.


Generally the hours are fixed and in case of emergency they may charge extra on an hourly basis. Prior to sending the child to the baby center it is important to wean off the child completely of mothers milk. May be the night or early morning feed could go on. This is a primary concern of the baby sitting professionals as a child who is yet to be weaned may harbor emotional problems. It is also important to slowly familiarize the child with the people at the center if they allow a mother-child session for a few days.


Many professionals also are willing to offer their service by staying at your residence if that is a comfortable situation for you. It is very important to communicate to the child about the new arrangement as older kids are pretty much sensitive about the people around them. Allergies and food preferences should be communicated to them. In case the child is unwell or recuperating the same should be mentioned to them so as extra care is possible.


It is very important to choose the day care centre after properly enquiring about their reputation. This is important for your child’s welfare and growth. If possible it is better to choose a center within the vicinity of your residence so that the travel time is reduced. Emergency contact numbers and personal/official numbers must be communicated to the babysitters at all times.

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