A different route



While dealing with children of all ages, routine patterns generally do not work. Kids are extremely creative and this is mainly due to purity of their thought process. Their logics are systematic and do not vary as per influences. In case you have told them not to do two things at the same time then they watch you juggling chores and mobile calls and point the same at you. Giving an explanation every time may be tiring so at times we need to be assertive and set rules.


Negotiating with kids can be tough as they think through situations. They are very good managers of time and expect rewards. Verbal expressions of good behavior and appreciation do wonders to their morale and an occasional treat is certainly a feel good factor. Most times we ourselves are hard pressed for time so we give in or else threaten them verbally of consequences.


In case kids want the pizza or a burger it is fine to order for the same. Give them a choice and insist on having a healthy snack or meal at night. Their demands for cola or the strange looking jam in green color is not totally unjustified but tell them the demerits of the same. Let them taste it and ask them if they really feel healthy about the same. Kids love being given importance and will certainly abide by the rules.


Watching television or cartoons is not a bad idea but give them choices in the number of hours to spend in play and activity. Ask them to invite a friend over and automatically the television stays off. Get your self involved in their mass drill activity or dance competition. Your inputs will be loved but let their teacher be their best guide.


If your doll really wants to use the lip balm or lipstick each time she steps out, give her a moisturizer and tell her that she will get her first pink color lipstick when she is sixteen. Kids also love fidgeting with gadgets like remote, mobiles and swatches. Reprimanding them will make them inquisitive and they will do it on the sly. Hence set rules by which they will not hang on to these items. Parenting is just like traffic jams, all of us honk in despair or give in but ultimately taking a different route really works.

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