Sleep times for toddlers


Infants have longer sleeping schedules and new borns sleep almost 18 hours a day. As their awareness increases, they cut down their sleep times and slowly it becomes a chore to get them to sleep. Rigid timings won’t work but it is better to have a routine set for toddlers. The play school is the first time a different pattern sets into the life of a toddler. This is adjusting time for the care giver too.


Initial days when the child has to be woken up can be tough. With constant repetition kids look forward for activity and interests in meeting other children and love to get up and ready themselves for going to the play school. Nursery kids are more confident and they take up well to adjusting to a new environment. The best way is to prepare them. In case you know that your child may react differently to a new schedule or new atmosphere, it is better to prepare the child so that nothing is forced on them.



It can be a natural process for kids to adjust to a new rhythm. The biggest problem is that they are unwilling to wake up and create more fuss to consume milk and breakfast. It is very important to get them to have their cereal or at least the cup of milk before sending them to school. This will initially be a chore but an easy way out would be to casually take them to the nearby play school and show them how kids are having fun. They immediately relate to fun and excitement.


Draw a simple chart of a kid waking up, brushing, bathing and a bag ready with goodies and napkin. Draw a school and other play things. Pictures work great on their minds. Though these are mere suggestions, mothers really know the trick to get their child interested. Spend time with them to get to know what they learnt or repeat the rhymes before bed time. A good night’s sleep is very important for a refreshing morning.




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