Making time




Time flies as we continuously juggle our activities. Whether you are full time home maker or a working person time is always limited. Mornings to evenings are filled with activities with no time to actually smell the flowers. We happen to be the role models for our children and hence they imitate us. When we suggest them to do something additional they complain for lack of time.


With total empathy or sympathy all of us need to be more organized and hence make time. If it requires some formal planning then take a pen and paper and set up the things- to-do-list. It might sound silly initially but actually all of us realize that we can easily find an hour extra every day to pursue a hobby or get our child to do something creative. In case the child is going for a comprehensive study at coaching classes you can actually trim it down to a few subjects where he actually needs guidance.


Too much of time spent in watching television which has become a necessary urban pass time becomes an addiction for the entire family. Choose one day to not watch television. Friday nights can be late nights and also used to finish the weekend chores. Plan weekends towards more fun activity than going to the clichéd grocery shopping at your mall. Let kids play at the beach or the swing at the nearby park. This is great time for you to also unwind.


Actually make a small group of like minded people and set an activity. This could be a compulsory meet up in rotation once a week at each person’s house. This gives us time to learn about other facets of life, play time and also let the children mingle with other kids. Kids love outings and making time is hence vital.



Many times we look at bookshelf and yearn to read the books or browse through the latest novels. But there is paucity of time. Cook a simple meal once a week and go ahead to read the story book for your toddler. Homework, activity class, PTA meets and official deadlines will continue but making time is necessary for rejuvenating self.

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