When a child uses dirty words…

It is not an uncommon sight today if you see young children abusing in front of their parents or amongst friends. Parents usually get extremely shocked when they hear bad words from children of age four and beyond. This completely makes one wonder how childhood and its preconceived definition has changed since years. Childhood has no longer remained a fairytale, a sweet innocent affair. Children are growing fast today and are acting like adults.

It is necessary that parents take immediate steps to curb such behavior coming from their children. Identify the cause first – see where your child picks up bad words. There may be a possibility that the elder child or any cousin in the family may be speaking it in front of your child and he or she has picked up from there or there is a possibility that your kid has picked it up from other people like watchmen or peon in the school etc. Sometimes even parents uses swear words in front of their children and next day they see children using these words. Children are very good at picking up things and hence adequate care should be taken to mind the ones language especially in front of children. 

Most children use ‘swear words’ without knowing what they are talking about. For them it is mere entertainment to see surprise expression on the faces of their parents and other family members. Hence, without giving out any strong reactions, just warn your child to not use such language again. Children usually use bad language for revenge or to gain control.   It is you who can tactfully handle the situation.

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