Bathroom Safety checklist

Parents know to cover the electrical outlets to keep their children safe so that they do not put their hands in the socket or play with it but there are other factors as well which parents need to take care of for the safety of their children.

Most of the bathroom door knobs are such that they can be operated only through adults because of the strength it requires. Make sure that bathroom door knob is round in shape and has lever style handles so that your child can easily open and close it.

Toilet locks are also available that resets itself as the seat is being lowered. As far as the bathroom tiles are concerned, most of them pose the risk of slipping away especially with children. It is advisable to invest in a good skid-proof bathroom mat to prevent the children from slipping and falling.

In case of a tub, line the bottom with a slip-resistant mat so that the kid does not take a tumble. In case of water heaters in apartments, set the heater to 120 degree Fahrenheit. This is warm enough for showers. It is also good to invest in an anti-scald device which helps as it stops the water flow if the water gets too hot. This helps children from getting burnt in hot water. Keep toiletries and other essentials out of the reach of the child; especially detergents, shampoos, and other chemical products which may harm the child.

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