Vitamin Deficiency (A and B)

Vitamins are substances that help human body in the metabolic processes of the body. They help for the smooth functioning of the body. There are people who are advised to take vitamin pills and they consume these pills without realizing how their body is benefiting from these pills. It is very important to know why one is advised to take vitamin pills and what the causes of vitamin deficiency are.

Most doctors recommend vitamin pills to pregnant women, feeding mothers or people who are on low calorie diet. These pills are given because vitamins act as a channel to ensure that the metabolic processes functions appropriately.

Vitamin A which is known as Retinol is contained in foods like butter, whole milk and most vegetables. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause skin to be dry and can also cause night blindness. Vitamin B1, Thiamine is found in nuts, vegetables, cereals and whole grains. If a person is deficient in vitamin B1 he or she experiences numbness, loss of sensation and pain in the legs. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is present in milk and vegetables and B2 deficient people develop ulcers in their mouth, cracked lips and dimness of vision. Vitamin B3, known as Niacin is found in foods like cereals, whole grains and vegetables. Vitamin B3 deficiency could lead to weakness, burning sensation on the tongue, sores in the mouth, rough skin and weight loss. Apart from this, deficiency of Vitamin B6 (fond in vegetables and milk) can lead to feeling of depression, dizziness and sores in the mouth. For vegetarians, Vitamin B12 is only found in milk. Hence vegetarians may need to supplement this vitamin. Deficiency of this vitamin is indicated through feelings of weakness, numbness and shortness of breath.

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