Unveil the entrepreneur in you: work from home moms

Being a woman entrepreneur has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, for women, who do not want to stick to a nine to five or rather nine to nine routine and want their own independence, nothing better than starting your own venture in data entry or medical transcription. For being a woman entrepreneur you need to have lots of self motivation along with positivity, patience and determination. You need to be well organized and should be excellent at time management.

“Being a married woman means shouldering a lot of responsibilities however, amidst all the house chores and the daily hustle and bustle I did not want to lose myself and my individual identity and so I decided to open my own individual boutique.” This were the exact words of Swati Shah who now successfully runs her boutique, looks after her family, takes care of her son Rohan and earns more than Rs. five lakh a month!

I have personally seen many married women feeling absolutely dejected with their new life and the transition is often quite stressful from being a carefree girl to a responsible family woman. However, the best way to cope with all this is no turn a potential drawback into your own strength. Just feel positive and think that everything happens for the best. It is actually not humanly possible to excel at everything that you do. So identify the best permutation and combination and constantly work towards betterment of not just your family but you as an individual as well. Identify your strength, even if it is making snacks and turn it into a successful business by starting cooking classes.

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