Handling Shy Kids

During the initial years, a child only has parents as his friends. He looks up to his parents for every small things pertaining to his life. But that is the case in infancy stage. As child grows up, he starts developing social contact. In our lives, friends play a major role in shaping up our personality. Friends are very important in building one’s self confidence and social skills. But the nature of child plays a major role in deciding his social circle. Many kids are introvert in nature and find it difficult to make new friends. This art does not come from birth and therefore it has to be learned. However, making new acquaintance is a big deal for many kids and they need to be taught this art.  


Introverted kids face hard times in any activity that requires interaction. Whether it is making new friends or joining a new class or playing a team sport, he faces difficulty. One of the reasons could be behavioral problems like shyness. Attention difficulty is also one of the issues. Shy kids don’t prefer to take initiatives. Other reason could be advent of passive games like TV and video games. This way, child gets lesser chances of interacting with new people. The busy schedule of children in modern day competitive world also takes a heavy toll.


However, this condition can be solved by the parents. Parents themselves can find out what causes their kid to be shy. They can also observe his behavioral pattern in new situations. They can talk it out with kids and encourage him to initiate. Parents can also accompany children to enhance their social skills. Parents must indulge themselves in child’s activities. Allow your kids sufficient opportunities to make new friends.

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