A child is prone to many diseases. One of the common problems affecting child is tonsillitis. It is caused by inflammation of the tonsils. It is quite a painful and comfortable problem. Tonsils are basically masses of lymph tissue located on the either side at the back of the throat. The tonsils are actually a defense mechanism that fight diseases and they also act as filters. The job of tonsil is to prevent the spread of infections in the throat, mouth and sinuses from spreading to other parts of the body. Tonsillitis occurs when tonsils are inflamed because of viruses or bacteria. Sometimes, because of some other diseases tonsils get inflamed. Adults and older children are more prone to bacterial infection whereas a child is more likely to fall prey to viral tonsillitis.


In some children, tonsillitis can be more frequent. It happens because of enlargement of the tonsils. This can happen even 6-7 times per year and this condition is called as chronic tonsillitis. The symptoms of tonsillitis are ear ache, mild to severe throat pain, fever, headache, swollen lymph glands and difficulty in swallowing. Parents need to be very careful when child shows these symptoms. They need to take certain steps to treat their child. Parents should remember that normally antibiotics are only effective if the problem is caused by bacterial infection. In case of viral tonsillitis, taking antibiotics can further aggravate the problem. Doctor must be consulted for proper medication.


Apart from consulting doctor, parents should make child gargle warm water with salt mixed in it. Warm drinks prove to be very helpful in tackling tonsillitis. Warm drinks could be tea with honey or soup. Spicy foods should be avoided and foods must be soft and easy to swallow. No one should be slowed to smoke in the vicinity of child. The last resort could be removal of tonsils through tonsillectomy.


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