Middle Child Syndrome

Parenting involves lots of issues. Some of them come unseen but their effects last longer in the lives of children. One issue not very frequently talked about is middle child syndrome. Middle child as the name suggest are those kids that are second born in a family of more than two children. Parents play a major role in shaping the life of a child. The overall personality of the child is determined by parental guidance and behavior. But parents are not the only one change the course of life of a child. Siblings play a major role as well. Often the common problem faced by middle child is lack of attention from parents. It happens because the first child is always special and youngest one gets supreme attention. In such cases, middle children often indulge in trying to get attention from the parents.


Middle child suffers from a lack of belonging and is plagued by sense of insecurity. He feels ignored and sand witched between elder and younger sibling. This particular problem is called middle child syndrome. Talking about specific symptoms of this problem, low self esteem is one of them. Child feels unwanted and he starts to develop lack of self-belief. His confidence is shaken and he feels overlooked by his parents. This may even affect him in adulthood.


Child also feels lack of belonging to the family and thinks of himself as unwanted. Parents must be very careful in such situations and should try nipping in bud. Middle child also starts to be shy and introvert. He is low on confidence and tends to become loner. Kids suffering from middle child syndrome lack sense of direction. Parents must take proper care of such children even at the slightest hint of middle child syndrome. Better work on them now.

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