Teaching Sign Language to Your Baby

During the initial months of his life, a baby starts learning sign language. Most of the parents use sign languages with the baby but they do it unconsciously. The planning is not there. One must have seen parents using kiss or bye-bye or hello sign coming from parents. a baby can learn lot about the world if parents start making deliberate efforts to teach the baby. It will also help baby in conveying messages even though when he/she can’t use words. Before teaching sign language to the baby, parents should learn it first. They can think of the words normally used by the babies like milk, papa, mama or other similar words. It also makes sense if all the members in the household use the same sign for one single word. There should not be any confusion regarding the sign associated with word.


Using sign language must be a habit. Parents should use the signs on a regular basis. The more regular parents are, better the chances of babies learning it. Eye contact is another important aspect. That will ensure the complete attention of your child. Slowly but surely, baby will start associating relationship between sign and things. Parents must also make sure to use few words only during initial stages. Take it slow and that way baby will be able to grasp the thing in a better way. Use physical objects to convey your signs.


Don’t make it a cumbersome routine. Parents should try to make this thing fun. For that, they can use different emotions like anger, sadness or happiness. Use facial expressions and appropriate body language. Parents should also try to add new signs with frequent interval. It could be 2- weeks. Lastly, parents can also use pictures to convey message.

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