Indian Baby names

A name is important becomes it becomes the identity tag of a person till the end of his or her life. We, Indians believe that the name given to a child holds a special influence on the course of his or her entire life and all associations in its course. Indian babies’ names are either decided by priests or the family members after studying the horoscope of the child in traditional families. If not the name, the letter with which the name should start is given by the priest. A name giving or naming ceremony is performed in most Indian families as a way of presenting the child to the world. The name giving ceremony is usually very elaborate, accompanied by ceremonial rituals and carried out by the family priest. The whole family is required to be present and it is believed that the child will develop personality traits according to the name given to him.  

Some of the names for boys are: Adarsh, Aadil, Asim, Abaan, Achintya, Abhiraj, Bhushan, Bankim, Chintan, Chaitanya, Daanish, Darpan, Ekansh, Feenil, Firoz, Gaurang, Gajrup, Harish, Harman, Ishaan, Idhant, Jenil, Jaival, Kirit, Karan, Luv, Manas, Nirav, Osman, Pushp, Ravneet, Raunak, Sangeet, Saurav, Soumya, Tarang, Tanvir, Urja, Utkarsh, Utpal, Vineet, Wadee, Yuvraj, Yatin, Zubin and Zeehan. Some of the names of girls are Adishti, Bansi, Bhavi, Chhavi, Charu, Dimple, Deepti, Eesha, Freny, Gautami, Hetvi, Ishaani, Jhanvi, Kaajal, Kanan, Kamini, Laveena, Lipika, Manaswi, Mrinalini, Neha, Namita, Nainika, Ojasvi, Priyanka, Prerna, Raveena, Riya, Rajul, Sneha, Taruni, Urvi, Varshika, Wafa, Yani, Yuvika and Zeena.

There is an entertaining anecdote that says babies in China are named as per the sound that a fallen spoon will make! Well, in India a name holds a lot of importance and often is influenced by religion, God and such other things. I have heard mothers saying I dreamt of Lord Shankar and hence names my baby Shankar!

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