Teach Your Child to Respect Teachers

 Apart from parents, teachers play a major role in shaping up the future of children. Teachers love their profession simply because one, they get the opportunity to pass their knowledge and secondly they have a passionate attachment with their subject and job. Yes, money is one factor but then that is one-off case. Having said that, teachers must be accorded the highest respect but that’s easier said than done. Most of the children are not exactly fond of their teachers because of homework, punishment, and discipline etc kind of things.


So how your child treats his teacher? This is a very important question because the attitude of your kid will also reflect your attitude towards the teachers. For parents, it is important to talk in a respectful way about the teachers. Hey should not indulge in any sort of bickering or low-talks when confronted about teachers. It’s true that few teachers command respect but few others who have mild nature and more light-hearted in nature ten to suffer more from tantrums of kids. Parents must guide the kids where to draw the line when indulging in pranks or jokes.


Children are quick learner and when it comes to learning slangs or abuses, they get it in even more quicker time. Parents must take notice of any behavior or words that indicate abusing of teachers by the child. It should not be tolerated at all. A child who abuses teacher will simply show what kind of upbringing he has received. There have been instances of students using abusive language with the teachers and that’s a poor sign. We must strive to make our children confident but we should also instill the culture of respect in them. Teaching your kids to respect their teachers will be a wonderful gift from parents to children.  

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