Bonding with the Baby…

Bonding is the first step of any relationship. Bonding with a baby is the way a parent connects with his/her infant. Research has proved that lack of bonding can make the baby suffer from despair and failure to flourish.


Bonding with your child is not something that can happen in minutes but something that gradually happens throughout the baby’s life. Most parents don’t realize it until the baby responds to something they said or did with a smile and they can’t believe how happy that makes them.


There are various ways to bond with your baby. The most important of them is by physical contact. It is very important for your baby to feel physically secure and to sense the warmth of his/her parents. Babies are also keen observers of your expressions. They react to facial expressions and eye contact and try to imitate them at a very early stage. Furthermore, scientists state that babies prefer listening to human voices than to music or any other mode of sound. So the next time you think you are incapable of singing to your baby, think again!


Bonding with adopted children is often a question most parents ask. However, adopted babies can bond just like biological babies with their parent with a little patience and adjustment. An adopted baby has to be given some time for transition and to synchronize with the novel atmosphere and should be handled with extra care and composition.


It’s not just the mother who has to bond with her toddler but also the father. Nowadays fathers spend more time with their infants than they earlier did. Bonding is an intricate but special experience which happens progressively. As time passes by, and your bonding with the baby becomes stronger, both you and your spouse will realize the beauty of the relationship you share with your child.

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