Stages of Child Development

Parenting is not an easy job, at least not for the first timers. A child undergoes various stages upto the complete development into a full youth and all those stages strongly need complete attention from the parents as the child experiences a very fragile state of mind all over this journey.

These stages can be divided seperately according to different age groups neatly selected by the child psycologist after sudying the variations into their behavioural personality according to the age. However, we are informed about this fact in advance by Indian vedas and other religious scriptures where they say about these different stages of child developement and the suggested behaviour of the parents to their children during these stages.

From birth to 3 years a child is a subject of complete care. Infants are very much prone to infections and diseases as their immune system is not very strong. So it is a must to keep them clean and away from the contaminating atmosphere.

From 3 years to 8 years the developement process of a child in physical and mental area is on a high note. The diet should be healthy and full of protiens along with some physical activities to nourish the child physically and a complete assistance to provide him a good family atmosphere in order to thrive him mentally.

From 8 years to 12 years further physical developement are going to occur in him and as these changes are due to hormonal activities which also causes psycological concerns in the children sometimes. They need a warm support of their parents to meet this inadequacy.

From 12 to 16 years, developements as height increase, developement in sexual organs are more clear and enough to be noticed by others too. A child can feel ashamsd about some changes because of the preoccupations in the society about the sexual organs and it is better if parents can make him aware about these changes and the normality of these changes in advance.

From 16 years onwards, upto 19-20 years, the child enters in a phase which is called teenage and it is the most crucial time for the developement as a child experiences here some attraction for the opposite sex. It is the time where a good parenting in the face of friendship is more needed which is necessary to create an open atmosphere and exchange of thoughts between a child and his parents.