Raising Your Child

It may sound easy but when it comes to real life, raising a child takes the patience and affection of entire life. Raising a child was never easy but with the time the challenge has intensified a lot. To be more clear raising a child is not an event, it is a process of years.

The child goes through various phases in the process of his development into a youth. From his birth upto his juvenile a child undergoes some phases which can be distributed as following :

  1. 0-3 years – In this duration The infant is very much insecure as his immune system is very weak and exposure to very little harsh atmosphere could lead to allergies and diseases.

In this phase the baby must be provided a diet best suited to the need of construction of a strong immune system. Breast- feeding is must for this.


  1. 3-8 years – In this duration child is a developing child so the need to healthy food and complete nutrition is increased greatly. Upto this age a child is able to understand things and could be affected mentally. To prevent the child from insecurity parental support is very necessary.
  2. 8-12 years – It is the first phase of the developement where the child experinces physical changes, though not very clear. It is a phase of developing body and developing mind as well, Good food and good family atmosphere both are very necessary here. parents are advised to explain the children a little at least to inform them about the physical changes he is experiencing, it will lessen a very common feeling of insecurity and lonesomeness in such a child.
  3. 12-16 years – Now the physical changes are clear enough to be noticed by the people. It may lead to a strong weird or shamefull feeling in the child as he finds himself unable to understand the changes. Greater hormonal activities usually instigate hesitation, introvert nature or short temper in the children so a friendly support and a joyous atmosphere in the family could help the child to open up to his parents.
  4. 16-20 years – This teenage is the phase where the child feels himself attracted to the opposite sex. The children are mostly very emotional and full of feelings in this duration and they must be treated like a friend or a grown up. This will caress their self respect and they would not feel themselves stuck between two phases of development : juvenile and the childhood.