Naming Twin Babies

Naming one baby is a real tough job, but if you’re thinking that naming twins will be twice the headache. You are wrong. Naming twins is twice the fun. There are many resources available to help as one venture forth on their naming journey. This has been possible because of our society’s long standing obsession with the meaning of a name. It does imply that you should have fun but it also implies that one should choose wisely.

Consider selecting names with the same first letter but with different sounds. Names such as Ankit and Ankita or Mukesh and Meenu or Suresh and Sukesh give twins commonality but also allows them individuality.

Use the reverse method or anagrams. An option for many parents is to pick names that are the reverse of one another. This method is not at all common in Indian culture as the names are a bit complex that their anagrams are tough to make.

Many a times, the elders find the common thread. Twin baby names can come from family heritage, classic literature or an important life event that might have occurred in the family somewhere in the past. For example, if you have two cousins you grew up with, their names might be suitable for twin babies.

Sometimes we try to strike a compromise. If the couple can’t decide on names for the twins, perhaps they can each name a baby. Make sure both of you can live with your choices. But it is a good option that is exercised by many.

Some couples take the option of choosing the two drastically different names. This method seems to work well for the developing of twin personalities. They preempt that the twins might struggle with individuality at some point in their lives. So, they give them a head start with a unique name they can feel confident is theirs and only theirs.

Rhyming names are also good. Some of the names like Sita and Geeta, Ankit and Ankita, Dheeraj and Neeraj, Ajay and Vijay are common and also makes both individuals distinct in meanings of their names, yet rhyme as they are together.

Remember that twins are two individuals with two different personalities. First and foremost, twins should have names that reflect their distinctiveness rather than names that put emphasis on their originality.

It can be a pain if one twin can shorten his or her name and the other can’t. Rhyming names may seem hilarious but when the twins grow older, they may not appreciate the silliness. So avoid such basic mistakes and enjoy the fact that you have become parents.