Sibling arrival

The arrival of a sibling is a happy phase for a child. Just as parents expect their second born, the child also seeks company. With many preparations done for the arrival of the second born the older sibling displays a lot of maturity. They love to feel the movement of the child in the womb and also engage in mental chores to be done for the arrival of the new born. In all, the excitement is high and with it there is lot of hope.

 But the arrival of the sibling also initiates pangs of jealously or a mixed feeling of self conscious behavior. The child here feels neglected with so many praises showered on the new born. Material things are very important for a child and hence the child expects that relatives too bring him a toy or get a new dress. These small things matter to the child a lot. As parents we cannot pre-guide the child into all emotional details. But several matters can be pre-conditioned.

 Show your child pictures of a new born and tell them that you require her or his help. Empowering them makes them responsible. Once a while they may show disinterest or give an impression of being stubborn and during the days the parent definitely has to understand the mental framework of the child. For a child affection or display of love is very essential. Make time for your first born by making some free time any time of the day. Do supervise his math lessons or help him with the stickers on the wardrobe.

 As they are little, their needs are also similar. Children bask in the love of the new born. As the new born slowly grows, avoid any kind of conflict by comparison. Comments by relatives can also be reciprocated with lot of negative feeling by the older child. Subdue their fears and extend a lot of love towards them. A constant reassurance is all is required to build up their maturity.

 Take time off by switching chores with your spouse or arrange for a helper during weekends and make time for your child by going for the stroll or doing some gardening. This is a passing phase.

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