Safety instructions for children

Rather than making your child scared and fearful of all that he or she does, the need of the hour is to make children street-smart and savvy. For this it is necessary that you take your child out and let him/her experience the real world rather than sitting at home.

Yes it is important to lay down the rules and the dos and don’ts of talking to a stranger. It is necessary that you sit with your child and teach them how to deal with a stranger, what should be revealed and what should not be revealed. However, it is also important that you do not instill fear in your child in such a way that he or she starts seeing every stranger with suspicion. Make sure that your child remembers your residential contact number and address by heart. Instruct your child with all the safety guidelines. Mae this habit – let your child tell you all that happens in his/her life. Communication on a regular basis is very important. Rather than just refusing any food item from a stranger, tell your child to politely say that he or she is full. No matter what let your child know that they should not be tempted with any kind of sweet that any stranger offers.

If for some reason your child is alone at home and the doorbell rings, they should not open the door. It is a good idea to test your children how he or she behaves with a stranger. Ask your friend to become a stranger. The idea is to keep your child ready for any kind of event that may occur. Recommended site for child safety: safe kids

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