Child and Art of Conversation

We all know how important the art of conversation is in our day to day life. It plays a major role in deciding our success in relationships, both on personal as well as professional fronts. In fact, many professions depend entirely on art of conversation. For example, PR people, Client servicing people, Sales persons etc need to master this art because it gets the job done and secondly it establishes wonderful relationships that are so crucial in life.


But art of conversation comes with age and experience. For parents, it is very crucial to teach this valuable art to the kids. I need not to emphasize how precious this trait will be to them in the course of life. While teaching children, we must remember that children are not born conversationalists. A child is not likely to indulge in a democratic debate or understand your dialogue in its entirety. They use their rights n the parents and quite prone to interrupting. For a child, what he has to say is the only important thing.


So that leads us to the question where should start from? Start with improving your listening capacity. Let the child talk, blabber or whatever he feels important. There comes a time when he is done with his monologues. Then, you can guide him/her to talking and listening balance. Don’t get aggressive while dealing with child’s talk. Tell him politely about the time constraint or the simple fact that he should wait for his turn.


You can also tell the kid about your busy schedule ahead so that he will be mentally prepared to wait for you. At the same time, make sure not to let him wait for too long because a child is known for having patience. Say gently but firmly about your need of completing your chores so that he won’t interrupt you. Present your own examples with behavior so that child will learn the importance of good conversation. Compliments never hurt anyone. So whenever a child displays certain praiseworthy conduct in conversation, compliment him. Follow these suggestions and see your child growing into a good conversationalist.

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