Preventing Child Obesity

Obesity has now become a worldwide concern. This is a most common health hazard in almost every nation on earth and the number is increasing day by day. U.S.A. is a country which is very badly affected by this problem due to its lifestyle.  Obesity is not a decease which is gifted by birth, mostly. In most of the cases it is caused in the people after a certain age and because of bad eating habits and bad selection of food.

In earlier times this problem was limited to people of a certain age and that was from an age of 35 or 40. But now it is capturing even the kids. In U.S.A., the highest number of kids and teenagers in the world are affected from obesity.

Obesity is no doubt a disease and not only a disease, but a reason for so many other diseases too. Two most usual problems which follow obesity is blood pressure and heart attack. And this is the reason why kids are also suffering from both of these problems which was not so common a decade ago.

Keeping in mind the history of this disease and its present status, and after observing the change in lifestyle and dietary inclinations of the people we can say that the biggest reason for the increasing power of this disease lies in the bad food habits of the people and the kids. Increasing use of junk food or fast food, minimum use of green vegetables, salad, etc is the main reason for this much increase in this threat to health and safety of child care. Todays young generation is much interested in the fast foods like pizza, burger, noodles etc and these things does not promise even a considerable amount of nutrition to them. These stuffs lack all those qualities and ingredients that are most necessary for a good diet and proper digestion. Apart from that cold drinks, soda and other famous beverages af this time contains sweetners and chemicals of certain type that are the main reason of obesity.

Parents must follow the child care and health guidelines in order to save their children from obesity and guaranty a maximum use of healthy food and minimum use of fast food and artificial beverages to avoid it.

One more thing, indulge your child in physical activities like out door sport, athletics, swimming etc and this will help to burn the extra fat of his body and to save him from obesity in the future.