Child Health and Safety

A child is like a empty pail when born and his journey to fill the pail undergoes different stages of child developement.

The atmosphere we are living in is not free from threats. There are many contaminating viruses, microbes and other micro-beings which can enter our body through the respiration system and affect our health badly. A grown up is saved from such threats because his immune system is fully developed and able to fight against those viruses. But in a child, the immune system is also in developing stage and unable to fight much. In this way it is a duty of the parents to provide a clean and healthy environment to their child.

Food and nutrition also play a significant role in the all round developement of a child. As the child is experiencing a continuous developement upto his juvenile, a continuos supply of healthy food and nutrition is very necessary for him. For a newborn child breastfeeding is very much necessary since that milk contains very highly healthy nutrients, protiens and some other essentials which are very necessary to boost his immune system. During the age of 8 years to 16 years children specially need food full of protiens, vitamins and fibre as their body is developing and now they also need more energy to meet the energy loss which is because of increased physical activities as compared to a child below 8 years.

For children of all ages a healthy diet consisting protiens, all the necessary vitamins and fibre is highly recommended. Salad, green vegetebles, sprouts, pulses, egg, milk, curd are some compulsary articles which must be given to children in order to confirm a healthy diet. Supplements could be given to the children who need more nutrients than the supply limit of a daily diet plan or to those who doesn’t take healthy diet properly. National resource center for health and safety has some guidelines for the food and safety. parents can check those guidelines on internet and follow them.

Child safety is also a matter of graver concern. It consists safety from allergic atmosphere or things, household articles etc. Nowadays the toys are also consisting very dangerous chemicals which can harm a child badly. Apart from employing personal safety for children, parents can get child safety tips from child safety books and kids internet safety sites. Other child safety rules like safety from strangers etc should also be taken into account.