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Spending quality time with kids also means teaching them about other skills. Most of us are  not adept with creative talents and hence this becomes an opportunity for us to learn a few tricks. Like coloring and painting, paper craft is also an interesting subject for kids. Though this is a simple craft, one requires a lot of patience in getting the folds right. There are several books on origami and paper craft that help you make decorative items out of waste material, newspapers and festoons.


It is amazing that kids are fast learners and actually take pride in doing things independently. Additionally you can also introduce them to a few sticking ideas or paint the craft work. Marble paper can be used for kids below six and this is available in various colors. Making a boat, a star, a dog or a clown is easy with simple folds. Teaching a child requires formulating steps and a systematic approach. Hence it would be better to learn it yourself and then teach the child.


The next step is doing the craft work simultaneously. Once the child is interested, this can be utilized as a favorite hobby and you will amazed at the creative inputs from your child. Masks, decorations and also puppets can be made with paper. Using recycled paper from envelopes or old cards is also another way to enhance the best-out-of-waste theory.


If the child really has an aptitude, then you could invest in origami books which makes paper models of motorcycles, towers, automobiles and various animals. Primarily this is mentally stimulating and will also give the child a sense of achievement. This can be put up in the child’s room or displayed after framing the same.


You can add to the fun by having in-house competitions at get togethers or a mom and child workshop. This is encouraging for the child and gifts can be simple paper craft models. For birthdays too, one can have a paper craft game. Origami lessons are conducted in various creative workshops and summer camps also include paper craft for all ages. Paper craft is a good hobby and also an alternative to mundane cartoon channels during vacations.

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