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Mental stimulation is required at all ages. By the age of two, the kids are in a total mood to explore. If any area is unknown to them they constantly do a self analysis or goad their parents into making them understand about the subject. This should be regularly acknowledged by the parents as an initiative to learn. Regular school education along with other intellectual activities is essential for a structured growth level. It is more important to utilize a part of the day for fun and activities.


Activity can be enrolling into a club for  volleyball, long tennis, gymnastics, athletics or the malakhamb. Initially it is very difficult to gauge the interest of the child. If you wish to enroll the kids into malakhamb make sure to initially enquire the age criteria and the duration of the classes. Summer camps are an excellent way to explore such interest levels as the kids have free time and also need to expend the extra energy that is built inside them.


If the timings and location is convenient and you decide to take up the activity then it is important for the parents to build their curiosity about the subject. Show them pictures of malakhamb, the feats and also eminent artistes through a video. In case your child has already taken up a fancy for skating, then purchase the best guards and dependable footwear. Roller skating class is also good for toning of calf and thigh muscles.


Initially the child may lack the energy and stamina and hence conditioning would be necessary. At times kids do not cooperate but switching from one activity to another is not recommended. This will only make them choosy about all things in life. Reduce the amount of time initially with lot of warm up sessions. The best thing for a child is appreciation and this will prompt them to excel in their activity.


In case you are able to judge that your child is not good at dancing or playing the casio it would not be appropriate to pressurize the child to perform. Talk to the teacher or instructor about the same as an experts opinion is supreme. In today’s world where there is lack of open grounds and time for children to enjoy, parents must make more efforts to let the child learn other skills in addition to academics.

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