Papa, What Is That?

Children will always remain children for you even when you grow ripe old. If you ever think of your good ol’ childhood days, you will realize that you were ‘thirsty’ to know everything in general. As a child, every individual on the planet is fascinated at first sight by cars, buses, trains, the sky, the clouds, the rains and much more…


At first sight, children find the world wonderful. It is very natural for them to see things that way because they find themselves tiny to the world at large. They start discovering the world when they start walking, talking, eating and sleeping by themselves.


As you take them along on a route that is new to them, all of a sudden a question pops up from here and there:


“Papa, What Is That?”


Your dearest child loves to know “LIFE”. Your dearest child wants to love “life” and these are the first phases of their life when he/she wants to discover the true reality of life.


Warning! You are about to be loaded with a lot of questions!


Their questions are mostly general knowledge questions. In case, you are very good at general knowledge, you wouldn’t have to work hard at answering their questions but in case, you aren’t – the trouble is bound to appear on your face. Moreover, your child loves to imagine because they are as fresh as the rains of the rainy season. When ever you try to answer their questions, they see the answer as a picture within their mind – it could be an object that they have seen or they will draw their own picture. 


This is your opportunity as a parent to make them realize that “knowledge is power”. Gain some great general knowledge in order to teach them good enough general knowledge and you will stand to gain a lot of importance within their lives. It may happen that you may become their “idol of worship” and “inspiration” if you hit the right note(s) in the right way at the right time. Happy Parenting!

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