Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday!

Your child is special to you so, what can you do on your child’s birthday to make’em HAPPY!


Doing something really special should be your agenda since you are a parent apart from just getting a birthday cake, making a list of birthday party invitations to be given away, decorating the house and preparing snacks.


Something special can be, for instance, dressing as clown your self with all tha makeup and a big cherry on your nose with a colorful face that literally expresses that you’re a clown can make’em happy like anything. You will give them one great reason to cheer about – YOU!


Gifting children their most wanted item is a good idea but you must express love towards them. That is what counts the mosts. Children want support and security more than any other thing.


On their birthday, you can plan a trick to fool around with them, cheer them, make them smiling-gigling-laughing all day long. What matters is your presence and the way you put it across to them on that particular day as your child’s birthday is very special to him/her. Playing games with your child and his/her friends can be a good idea as well. Children naturally have high expectations on that particular day. Planning their birthday in the best possible manner can really help you build a strong and happy relationship with your child. Story telling can be also a good tool for you to make’em happy depending on the mood during the day.


Note: They must not feel that it is your duty to get them what they want. Moreover, they must feel that they are getting the gift because you love them and also because they really deserve to get it.

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