On stage blues


Kids today have a lot of opportunity to go on stage. The idea is to let them participate and also understand their strengths. The preschool is the best time to dress them for fancy dress and get them comfortable with the attire. Many kids are fussy about caps or things that are bit touchy on their skin and hence a bit of practice will be required. Before coaching them to move or hold the mike it is more important to understand that winning is secondary.

It is strange that kids at times have vague memory. Though they used to dance of stage or do their solo shows at the age of 3, they still find it awkward or lost when they are called on stage at the age of 6. As they get growing they develop self consciousness. They are very aware of their looks and their performance. A kind of pressure which is subtle develops on them. Here is a situation where parents need to instill in them loads of confidence.

Exposing children to public areas and community circles is very important so that do not cringe in their own shell. Allow them to reach out on the play ground or let them seek new people as friends. As a parent our duty is to supervise and also let them grow in the right way. Children need the approval of their parents at all times. Imagine if we had to go on stage and say a few lines or enact. All of us are not talented in fine arts and hence this will be quite an effort.

A shy child may have loads of talent and it is on us to let them efface it. Let them enjoy the childhood with a picnic and an on-the-spot talent exhibit. Most schools hold participatory and competitive spirited acts and the idea is to get all of them involved. At any point of time when the child is not selected, seek the advice of the supervisor and get to know the details. Children can be sensitive and negative strokes can be diminishing for their growth. Cheer them, encourage and do a home practice before they go on the stage.

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