Solution Based Parenting

solution-parentingModern era has witnessed new theories about the art of parenting. The term parenting has evolved in a big way. New parenting theories have emerged to make the experience of parenting more soothing and more blissful. Despite the advent of so many different notions of parenting right from style, types, and methods to designs, the ultimate purpose of parenting is just one. It is to become an effective parent. Parenting is all about getting all the basics done in a proper way. It is a very balanced act that must performed with all the care and dedication of the world.

Different parents have different approaches towards punishment. A child is bound to make mistakes. You can not help it. But how should parents treat mistakes of children? Physical violence or oral bombardment or plain ignorance? How should they deal with this problem? First of all, parents need to focus on severity and nature of problem. Children make mistakes, sometimes innocuously and some other times to get attention. They know if they make mistakes their parents will definitely turn to them. Have you realized whether you are giving ample time to your kids? If they are going through attention deficit syndrome? Or parents are giving in to every demand of children and they can no longer take any refusal for any demand? Every situation has different complexion level. But parents should treat each case in isolation.

One treatment does not suit to all the situations. Focus on solutions and not on punishment. Parents must decide carefully about both short-term and long term consequences. Discipline gets a boost from solution based parenting instead of punishment based one. Don’t just look at effect but also focus on what cause that effect. In other words what caused certain behavioral pattern of the kids? This will help you in dealing effectively with the kids. Once you start implementing this solution based parenting, you will find its benefits in the long run.

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