Motivating Children to Take up Sports

sportsIn spite of so many efforts put in by various sports organizations and some efforts put by the government, sport education in India is still a sector that is neglected. Parents still have a mindset that defines well in this Hindi proverb “kheloge, kudoge banoge kharab, padoge, likhoge toh banoge nawab!” This means that if you will play games and have fun then you will be a bad boy but if you will learn and study then you will be like a king. Apart from some parents who think otherwise, there are many that feel sport is a leisure activity and that it is only through studies that their child can excel. This is a wrong mindset. Any sport has excellent benefits for the mind, body and spirit of a person. Sports do more than just contribute to a child’s physical development.

Today, children are really pressurized as far as academics are concerned. Sports help their mind and body to relax. Sports helps children develop physically which is so important especially when child obesity is becoming a growing concern for most parents.

Children in schools today are increasingly overburdened with academics. Most parents make all efforts to get them to excel at studies. However, going with the popular saying, ‘all work and no play’ is not necessarily the best strategy to improve your child’s performance at school. Because sports involve teamwork and coordination, it develops a child’s brain to perform in a team.

Sports lets you experience the joy of winning at the same time it teaches you how to face your failure when you lose and how to learn from your mistakes. Participation in sports teaches children to cultivate a never say die spirit and single-mindedly pursue their goals. Each time your child wins a game; he will experience a thrill and will want to surpass his own records. Gild children should be equally encouraged to play sports as boys should. Playing a competitive sport will help your children to work against their own limitations.

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