Hearing the silence

So much to do in 24 hours… Is this a line that is routinely used by parents? Somehow urban life makes us perform and succumb to the time clock. Similarly our body clock is also attuned well and a bit of stress is good for life. As parents we are very good at multi tasking and give the best to our family. Outings, games and academics are well planned by us for our children.

 Though we want our children to win and perform, at times we forget to celebrate the small achievements. That day, by daughter unbuttoned her shirt and folded it on the corner side of the bed. Though I noticed it and it was the first time she did it, the mobile rang and I failed to acknowledge the same. After my conversation ended, she kept looking up at me in silent expectation of an appreciation. As Providence beamed its luck, I remembered and hugged her about it.

 Many times we get macro in our style of parenting and lose the laughter someway. It is true and very well done if we can make our children habitual and also disciplined. Petty tasks can be handled by them but it is disheartening to hear the recent spate of events of suicide among children. What went wrong is a thing of past and yet what we can do is another responsibility placed on us as parents.

 Paucity of time is a big factor about parenting. May be getting into a pattern should also be broken. Making studies fun and doing alongside an activity surely helps. There are no rules on how to get the homework done by your child but constantly insisting on A levels must not be the rule. Let us hear the silence of our children which is present as they struggle to balance the jelly on the spoon or get the cursive handwriting right.

 Let us give them a chance or ourselves the chance to be patient and enduring. Most extra curricular events are well tailored in school and other activity classes. Let children also ‘be’ during their weekends or vacations. Let them enjoy catching the sun rays as given a chance we could do the same.

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