Lifestyle Trends

Our busy lives often tend to stress us out little by little everyday. The drive is increasingly to maximize available time by finding quicker ways to do more work in less time. This may amount to being efficient but the split side is, every time we withdraw from our energy sources to be more productive, we also simultaneously deplete those very resources. This in turn creates stressful situations for us.

The importance of pausing from our busy lives for the purposes of rejuvenating our body and our inner selves can not therefore be undermined at all. Having said that, being able to schedule an appointment in a salon or a spa is not only becoming difficult but almost impossible. How then do we make ‘rest’ accessible to ourselves?

Lifestyle Trends Interior designing tips suggest that creating a haven of quiet and serenity in ones homes require a combination of the right colours, furniture choices and home accessories. If one could create a home space that is not only beautiful but also tranquil, much time would be saved without having to go to a salon or to a spa retreat centre.

In attempting to bring this ambience of quiet rest and rejuvenation into our homes, one can be guided by our experience of the instant calm we feel as we enter a spa whether it be a room or a resort. Basic colour therapy teaches us that colours can evoke sensations and emotional responses in us. Thus it is important the colours we choose for our homes.

Below are some tips in trying to create a serene setting in your homes:

  1. Choose neutral shades for your walls. Choose shades that evoke the image of large expanses of water or clouds, mountains, fields etc.
  2. If fragrance is your thing, get some reed diffusers, candles and incense in your favourite aromas. Lemongrass is always a favourite. You can choose vanilla, lavender, citric lemon or apple cinnamon too.
  3. The sound of trickling water is known to give a sense of time stopping still. Get a mini water-fountain and place them at strategic points around the house and listen to the sound of falling water.
  4. Use the principle of minimalism to organize and decorate your home space. Too many collectibles or rows of books exposed can have a cluttered feel.
  5. Place a wind-chime in the room where there is breeze coming in. It will give a meditative quality to the room.
  6. Remember to decorate with all things natural – natural fabric like cotton, raw cotton silk, smooth rocks and pebbles, jute, wood, bamboo,
  7. Put some potted plants of greenery like climbers and large leafed plats, potted baby bamboos.