Learning with Games

Games are a learning mechanism for children across all age groups. It creates a learning environment that is carefree and fun-filled. The ultimate objective of games is not just learning but overall development of the child. It is noticed that through games children express their anxieties and worries that are associated with their life at school, their learning processes, relationship with peers etc. Games that contain letters, colours, shapes, puzzles develop a child’s mind that becomes capable to take rational decisions.

A game like scrabble is a great way to teach vocabulary your child. Also, Monopoly, another game teaches the kid the value of strategic planning. It also teaches the child value for money. Of course, game like Chess sharpens the mind and improves child’s analytical skills. Games like Plot Four can be used to teach concepts of direction.

When parents stop to teach the child but learn to play with them, not only do they enjoy the process of teaching the child, but the child also learns quickly with all the fun that the game involves then in.

There are many students who are afraid of Math as a subject. Today, there are many games that are available in the market that incorporate the philosophy of Vedic Math and teach the child the nuances and basics of numbers through the Game technique.

Games are indeed a great way to learn provided the child is made to work towards learnings of the game rather than feeling like a sad loser or a bragging winner!

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