Reading with children – Reading habits




With school taking most of their times, kids today seldom join a library or read books. There are other modes of entertainment and Television or malls seem to be a large source. As everything is fine in moderation, reading habits are a healthy way to develop a personality. Parents reading bed time stories to kids are already inculcating reading habits in a child. The next time you go to the book store, let the children sit down and run through the pages.


It is also important for us to have a small library at home which can be a varied collections of kids short stories, puzzles or paper backs. The toddler stories or hard board ones will always be special to them and cherished as a memory. Reading makes a person a good listener and builds vocabulary. While teaching phonics to the child, it becomes important to show them pictures and this is also a way to teach the child to read.


Children get enthusiastic about comic strips and cartoon characters and it will surely take a while for them to get into literary aspects. The stories of mythological nature like Ramayan or the Bible  is very interesting to them. Books make an excellent gift and you could also reward your child by reading a story from their book. Birthdays, diwali or New year gifts can be wrapped well over books.


The choice of books varies from person to person. There are interesting books on photography, archaeology which is of importance to you but kids love to have a sneak peek at the pictures. Online reading magazines or e-zines for kids have wonderful communication skills. It would really be a pleasure to watch your child read through fiction or scientific research as books are the gateway to knowledge.


It is amazing that when kids are first introduced to books, they develop a bond with them. Choose a neat corner in the closet or arrange a mini library for them. Go in for custom made kids furniture and Let them take care of the same by dusting. As they grow, their interest skills in certain subjects will diversify and they will themselves get into a habit of purchasing books. For starters, kids love to read about goblins and fairies, about the quests of Alladin and the thrill in the Harry Potter series.

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