Learning Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are something that most of us never forget even after being adults. Nursery rhymes thus form a very special and a memorable part of one’s childhood. When your kids are reciting nursery rhymes, let them enjoy it. Do not put too many rules and spoil the fun they have while reciting them. Imagine a child reciting a nursery rhyme, standing straight and his hands folded while on the contrary imagine a child jumping, clapping and smiling away while singing a ‘johny-johny’ or a ‘twinkle twinkle’. Singing a nursery rhyme is cheerful and it is a lot of fun when a group of kids get together and sing all these rhymes.

Another advantage of a nursery rhyme is that since the kids are learning them through a beat and a meter, a tune set to words; it becomes very easy for them to remember that. That is the reason that most schools teach the children to recite alphabets through a rhyme. Shooting your kids’ enactment while he recites a nursery rhyme can make for a very memorable video. Some parents whose kids find it difficult to remember rhymes can make cardboard props and ask the kids to use them that will help them to remember the story in the poem.

You child and music is a great tool of learning. Parents should also participate and encourage children to learn more and more nursery rhymes. Rhymes in other languages can also be taught to your kids. Organize nursery rhyme competitions during birthday parties and other events for kids.

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