Job layoffs



The times of economic recession and global meltdown has the direct onslaught on working class. Many companies are retrenching and the pressure to perform is building up. In case of job layoffs, the initial frustration can make one feel depressed but this also affects the family members. Kids are innocent and question as why the parent is mostly at home or whether the office has a holiday. Innocent questions are tough to answer.


Each child has a different mental conditioning and the answers can be tailored aptly. Firstly it is important for the parent to first develop poise and build confidence as another lucrative job offer could be just around the corner. This can be looked as the best way for bonding or helping out in homely matters. There could be other opportunities in freelance nature that will help you bide the time till a permanent situation materializes and one can begin a job search once the situation improves.


Kids can be made to understand that the parent is on a long holiday and the time can be utilized to accompany them in their activity class. Kids loved to be picked up and dropped by their parents. This can be a great bonding time with you scheduling chores to help out your spouse in daily routine works. Kids require assistance in learning and home work and you could also organize creative ideas for them.


Teenagers are very sensitive to situations. Money crunch or financial insecurity affects them a lot. But at the same time they are sympathetic and also understand market movements and hence it is better to be frank in your explanations. If a movie ticket at the premium mall seems expensive, kids can be taken to a day picnic at the beach. As time progresses, the settle in and also curtail their own expenses.


Job layoff is a temporary situation and hence this can be taken as a good time to relieve stress or break from monotonous activity. Kids just love playing board games or the lazy Sunday morning where you could cook a lavish brunch. May be this is a good opportunity to do those activities with kids which you missed out while attending a  regular job.

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