Instilling desired behavioral patterns in kids

Our behavior defines the persons we are. Also known as behavioral pattern, it comes after years of practice and method of upbringing. For parents, developing certain behavioral pattern in child is a tough task. In the context of tough competition in modern times, it becomes even more imperative to instill this value in our children. Many parents complain about their children not greeting visitors or telling lies or things like that. This is definitely a pertinent concern for parents. So how should we proceed towards establishing the desired behavioral patterns in our wards?


First and foremost, we really need to be balanced in our expectations from the child. A child is after all, a child. It is also very important for the parents to not bring any confusion in child’s mind. Parents just can’t afford to change their definition of what is right and what is wrong as per their convenience. This will give child a sense of confusion and contradiction. Parents while defining behavioral pattern need to be very consistent. So the best way to handle this is to maintain consistency in our definition and rules along with our own behavior. Parents should also take care while preaching and performing. They must be in sync with each other. It won’t work if what they preach is not being followed by them.


A child’s mind is very vulnerable. They can easily get confused. So parents should take extra care while instilling value system in the kid by leading with the example. Parents’ own conduct must be in tune with what they have taught to the child. The preaching of desired behavior must be accompanied by teaching of right attitude. The final trick lies in keeping your expectations low and rewarding child as and when he or she shows improvement or proper implementation.   


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