Handling Slow children


The modern time has become very demanding for parents. Many of the modern couples are working professionals and it is really a tough task to balance personal and professional tasks. Something or the other always occupies their mind. Now, imagine these parents having kids who are slow movers! Well, it gets harder for them. It is especially cumbersome for parents to handle a slow child after coming back to home. It is a common sight to see many children taking eternity to finish the homework or eating dinner in 1-2 hours. Reasons could vary.


Some children are lazy and some others suffer from low attention span. Kids are prone to distraction quite easily. Few children find it tough to move to a new routine or adapt to the change. That’s why they take longer than other kids to finish their chores. It has been commonly seen that a good number of children are dreamy in nature and because of that they ignore the mundane stuff.


Different parents react to such behavior. Some nag or plead and some other scream or even spank. Well, the ideal way is to use a mix approach or rather a more intelligent way. Definitely, you will be required to be patient but your patience will eventually pay. Start teaching him importance of time and sticking to a routine. It will be tough initially, but sooner than later child will understand. Show him your own examples. Make sure he is giving you full attention while you are teaching. Don’t overburden him with tasks. Take it easy. Instill the element of punctuality in the kid. Encourage his independent streak and make sure to reward him or complement him if he performs a task well on schedule.  


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