Hardworking Children

Home work is a kind of dreadful thought for a child and even for parents. Children try to find all sort of imaginative reasons to stay away from completing homework. Sometimes, they say its stomachache and some other times; they are hurt for different reasons. It could be any excuse but the purpose is same; try to avoid homework as much as possible. In such cases, some parents complete their child’s homework. What they think is that why to get bothered with all the troubles of pleading, explaining or even spanking? So just complete the kid’s homework and get over with it. But that is a very bad idea and parents don’t need to show their love by doing this. All parents love their children, but what many don’t realize is that they don’t need to do child’s entire work for them in order to prove their love.

A child is getting affected in a negative way if his work is being done by the parents. Agree, not every child can be hard working but there can be other productive ways to get the child complete his work. Remember, a good and hardworking child is not just good at studies but also at extra-curricular activities. Make sure your child works hard to complete his work. Don’t ignore his laziness. If he performs badly in academics ask him the reason and don’t just put a blind eye on this. This will give a wrong signal to him that he can get away without working hard.

Parents should try to encourage and motivate child to do his work himself. But make sure not to push too hard. Remember, such habits are instilled at an early age and child will reap rich reward once he grows older. Don’t resort to harsh punishment. Try mix methods and result will surely be good.

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