Intelligent Child

Intelligence is a precious asset. Parents love to find their child’s intelligence and some of them feel it’s their prime duty to enhance the intelligence of the kids. But different parents take this intelligence issue in a different way. On one hand some parents think it is their duty to nurture this quality of kid and they seek new methods of enhancing this gift. On the other hand there are parents who think it is god gifted and should be better left to kid of how to increase their intelligence. As long as kids are doing well and getting noticed because of their intelligence, things are just fine. This might also be termed lazy parenting.

We will not go into the detail of which approach is the right one. However, we can always discuss what the advantages of the contrasting approach are. One of the neuroscience consultants believes in the first approach and the reason being cited is presence of 12 billion neurons in the child. If these are not used till the age of 12, approximately half of them die and that must be termed as sheer waste. So he advocates parents must take steps that make kid use these neurons. That will also ensure that child is using his optimum brain capacity.

The fact that the pressure on kids has increased tremendously in recent years because of ubiquitous competition, parents have to be involved with child to make sure child is not lagging behind. Now just being a book worm does not suffices. A child has to participate in several extra-curricular activities to develop an all-round personality. Children might scoff at so much of workload but in the end it pays off. In such scenario, it becomes quite obvious for parents to place emphasis on all the aspects of kid’s personality and make sure he is using his optimum capacity.

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