Handling Angry Kids

Anger is a big issue. It can destroy wonderful relationships and affect one’s personality adversely. It is a common expression used by almost the entire population. Kids are no different. They display anger when they feel hurt, irritated or dejected, enraged or frustrated. Anger helps them in letting out all the negative energy stored inside them. Whenever things go against the wishes of kids they get angry or tend to sulk. Few of them even become violent. The thing is this is not an isolated act. It has become a common affair amongst children. Parents should help their kids in dealing with anger at an early age or else it might become a nasty habit.


Parents need to lead by example. What is their anger level? How often they get angry? How do they react? Because whatever parents react is naturally passed on to kids. So parents must be very careful while dealing with their own anger pattern. If parents are going to teach children about anger issue they should start with their own behavior. Children are not really aware of ways to control anger. Its parents’ job to teach kids about various ways to curb anger. It could be a walk in the park or lying down or breathing practices or keeping mum etc. parents must encourage child about these ways.


Children often resort to violent activities when they are angry. Most of the kids scream, shout, hit or throw things. Teach them other resorts. Give them the words to express themselves. One of the best ways to curb anger is breathing exercises and 1-10 counting strategy. Teach kids these easy steps so that they get a hold of their anger level.

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