Monsoon activities

Indoor activities for children during monsoon are great bonding times for care givers too. There are several things one can organize in the residential area so as to look at common ways to spend the rainy days. Any kind of activity i.e. mental or physical aids in growth and monsoon is no time to just spend indoors or watching mundane programs on television.


Organize a drawing competition in the compound or a vacant space. Allow the children to use their imagination and make it a great time with a jig session. You could collect a small fee to organize for prizes and the children will be delighted to participate. Organize a brunch session or weekend dinner for the people to mingle around. Games and spot prizes are surely to delight everybody.


Let kids come over to your house to play a mind boggling board game in monopoly, ludo or scrabble. Pictionary is also a common choice enjoyed by children which also aids the educative aspect. Let them do a few things in origami, free hand drawing or help you with the pizza topping.



Clubs and sports foundations organize indoor sports like chess, carom, boxing, rink skating and other indoor sports which is also good for their growth. The idea is to keep them physically activity during monsoon so that their intellect is stimulated. Kids with interests in music or dance have great choices with leading dance academies. Engage them in a skate dance-artistic or the latest western dances.


Many groups also organize monsoon treks in the hill stations classified as easy/difficult and also allow parents to participate in the same. Exposure to these kinds of events will make them independent and the outcome is surely confidence. More importantly make monsoon time the best time to bond and enjoy the interesting DVD with family and friends.


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