Good Parenting Tip: Handling Exam Failures Of Your Children!

It is exam time and children are hyped out with pressure to bring better marks than their peers. Not only that, they have to please every one around without a choice. But there are certain kind of children who feel guilty if they do not please their parents, especially if they fail. The guilt that these kind of children carry within themselves can be fatal especially if their parent is one who will not accept their child’s failures.


There is much more at stake. Competition is another big factor. They just do not have to beat their peers but they have to beat the competition. The chances of getting into a good stream or college makes them even more nervous. So, what should you as a parent do?


Well… Just teach them how to handle failures.


Tell them that failures are not at all blocks because failures can never stop you from living your life. It is a matter of simply believing in your ability that decides the path of success or failure.


Even a big failure can never stop a person from moving ahead. You can fail en number of times but after failing, you must get up to become a winner. That is the way life should be. It’s not a crime to fail but it’s a great achievement to succeed after one has failed.


Show them real life examples of people who have been huge failures and have become huge successes by overcoming their failures.


Make them aware that fear of failures can just lead them to fail more and more. It’s better always to completely accept failures and let them go, not hold on to them. “If you fail, it’s okay. Just move on and learn from your failures.”


Remove the fear of failure from your children by telling your children that you will not scold them if they fail in exams. Tell them you love them very much and they must not feel let down if they fail in exams as it is certainly not the end of the road.


Tell them the good qualities and the talents / skills that they possess. This will calm them down mentally and keep them stable as well as confident of their capabilities and potential.


Always tell them that they can do it rather than discouraging them by saying “you’re useless”.


Tell them you’re always available to help them out anytime whatsoever the case.


Be A Good Parent Today And Stay Calm During Your child’s Exams’. Keep A Big Smile On Your Face To Cheer your Child During Exams! Happy Parenting!

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