Celebrating The Festival Of Holi With Your Children!

Colors! Children love colors and so do most parents! Holi is the time when people enjoy themselves fully by applying various types of different color powders or “gulal” as it is known to each other signifying the victory of truth over evil. This way people express a significance of the relationship between them and make each other feel special about each other.


Life is definitely very colorful indeed. The festival of holi definitely proves life is colorful indeed. It is the point of time when every one wishes to celebrate life with a free spirit. However, there are certain pointers children must adhere to while playing this festival of colors.


  • Children must check whether colors are original/natural and soft to the skin before using them.

  • While applying colors to others, children must make sure they take care of the other person’s senses. Children must be made aware that these colors are nothing but chemicals such as mercury sulphite (red), copper sulphate (green), etc.

  • During holi, if children do not take care while letting their friends, family and others apply colors, they can experience serious losses such as impaired hearing, skin irritation or even eye damage.

  • Water balloons should be avoided if possible as they can harm the person hit with a water balloon extensively.


There is a story behind this festival of holi. Do let your children know this story so that they can be opened to the various Indian traditions and festivals. This way they can feel warmth of the Indian culture and remain aware of the historic backgrounds that they come from.


Here’s the story…


Once upon a time there was a demon king by the name of Hiranyakashipu. He was very proud of himself along with being very arrogant. He thought of himself as the most powerful being in the entire universe. Thus, he ordered everyone to worship him instead of lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu had a son whose name was Prahlad who was a deep devotee of Lord Vishnu. This made Hiranyakashipu angry and further ordered his sister Holika, who was blessed with a secret power of staying immune to fire, to help Hiranyakashipu get rid of his son Prahlad. Thinking that she will not get burnt by fire, Holika took Prahlad in her laps and sat in a bonfire. However, the reverse happened as her secret power of staying immune to fire had conditions to her blessing. She could not misuse her power of being immune to fire as it was a blessing from lord Brahma. She got burned in the bonfire whereas Prahlad survived due to utter faith and devotion in Lord Vishnu as he was repeatedly chanting lord Vishnu’s name while being in the bonfire. Thus, this festival is celebrated in the name of Holika as a symbol of victory over evil. Happy Holi! Happy Parenting!

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