Domineering Children

One of the most amusing sights is seeing a 3-4 year old child ordering you and other children. But make no mistakes; it is a trait that is bound to play havoc in his life as well as yours. Let’s call such children bossy ones who like to think world will stop at their whims and fancies. Some of these children carry this attitude in their adulthood also and that is not really an ideal condition. As said earlier, the initial amusement gives way to irritation. If children continue to be bossy then probably parents indifferent approach towards it may contribute to make this attitude a permanent one.


The pattern of bossiness or dominating streak is a big turn off as your child will discover in later years. Such kids face numerous problems in teenage and during school/college days. They are not able to make long lasting relationships and are often misunderstood. Loneliness and aloofness are other possible offshoots of such trait. At the same time, if channelized properly such kids can do wonders. It can be turned into strong will power and ability to sustain on his own amidst brutal competition existing today.


Parents must pay attention to this trait in early childhood. They must not encourage such behavior. Making fun of it or even finding it amusing is not a good idea because of the potential pitfalls. Whenever child tries to act bossy, do not succumb to his tantrums. Teach him to be polite. Make sure to supervise his acts frequently. It also pays to monitor his behavior in his peer group. Whenever child shows some courtesy or improvement, try to complement him on his behavior. Lastly, communicate well so that a better relationship between you and the child could be established.

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